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MAJOR single skin partitioning

An ideal solution where a high quality, economical partitioning system is required
for manufacturing and storage areas.


Panels are constructed from 43 x 43 x 1.2 mm (18g) cold-rolled angles and 32 x 32 x 0.7 mm (22g) cold-rolled T bars with 0.8 mm (21g) CR4 mild steel or 50 x 50 x 3 mm (10g) weldmesh sheets, spot-welded into the framework.

Standard panel sizes

Dado Height

2400, 2700, 3000 mm
1000 mm
1200 mm
43 mm

A range of infill and special size panels can be supplied to maintain final dimensions.

Mullion sizes

50 x 50 x 2.5 mm - up to 2700 mm high
80 x 40 x 2.5 mm - 2700 mm and above 100 x 50 x 3.0 mm - to suit installation. All Two-Way (intermediate) mullions have base plates for floor fixing. Knee braces and/or ladder mullions may be fitted for extra stability and strength, e.g. on clear access doors..

Standard Door Module Sizes: steel or timber

Side Hung Doors
Double Doors
Sliding Doors

height 2022 mm width 1000 mm*
height 2022 mm width 1940 mm*
to suit customer's requirements

*Plus overpanel to partition height

Doors can be supplied with or without vision panels.
A full range of non-standard door types, i.e. full height leaves, clear access
modules or hospital type leaves are available to order.


A two-piece glazing system that can accommodate 4 mm to 6.4 mm glass, is
supplied in 1828 mm and 2440 mm lengths to be cut and fitted on site.
6 mm toughened, 6.4 mm laminated and 6 mm Pyroshield are supplied as
standard. However, other types of glass and Perspex may also be fitted as required.

Paint finish

All panels are electrostatically powder-coated in the following standard colours: Grey 10 A 07, Grey 00 A 05, Sandstone 08 B 17 and Stone 10 B 17. Special colours (over 100 in stock) are available at extra cost.


A comprehensive range of accessories, including drop-down and sliding hatches, louvres, vents and locking systems are available to order.

Single Skin Partitioning

  1. 1. Wall Channel
    2. Standard All-Solid Panel
    3. Standard All-Glass Panel
    4. Corner Section (Angle or Mullion)
    5. Standard Half-Glazed Panel
    6. Three-Way Section (Angle or Mullion)
  1. 7. Standard Door Module Half Glazed
    8. Standard Solid/Glass/Solid Panel
    9. Intermediate (Two-Way) Mullion
    10. Make-up Panel
    11. Standard All-Mesh Panel
    12. Standard-Half Steel/Half-Mesh Panel
    13. Top Capping Channel

Working areas are transformed efficiently and economically with Baxcrest Partitions and Ceilings.


Suspended Ceilings

suspended ceilings

Suspended Ceilings, a lay-in grid suspension system designed to support many sizes and varieties of tiles, together with lighting systems.

All products are designed and manufactured to suit your requirements.