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Designed as a mesh screen to clad pallet racking, and increase safety while handling pallets and palletised items. Panels are constructed from cold-rolled angle and cold-rolled T-bar into which mesh sheets are spot-welded to give added strength and resistance to impact.

Manufactured to suit the racking bay centres, thus eliminating the need to cut and fabricate panels on site and are bolted together for added strength and rigidity.

Triangular stand-off brackets, which act as spacers between the racking and the mesh panels, can be made to suit customers’ requirements.

The intermediate brackets are reversible so that they do not interfere with the racking beams. Every installation is manufactured to fit each individual site, thus ensuring easy and fast installation time.


Angle Framework


Mesh Sheets

Stand-off Bracket

Standard Panel

Paint Finish

43 x 43 x 1.2 mm

32 x 32 x 0.7 mm

75 x 75 x 3 mm

75 to 350 mm deep

1245 mm high

Powder-coated to match or
contrast with the racking system




Beware! Mezzanine floors are hazardous. Mezguard protects the safety of your workforce.


Protection Angle.

protection angle; witch's hat

Colloquially known as Witch’s Hat. There’s no magic. It protects vulnerable structures such as Mesh Cages.